Prices for images and prints for personal use

Prices include NZ GST of 15%

NEW: Purchase any prints and we'll email you a free low resolution image file (200 kilobytes) of each print suitable for posting on Facebook.

8in x 12in Print
$25.90 Per Image/Print

8in x 10in Print
$20.00 Per Image/Print

6in x 8in Print
$15.90 Per Image/Print

5in x 7in Print
$12.90 Per Image/Print

4in x 6in Print
$8.90 Per Image/Print

CD - Personal Use - per image
24.90 Per Image/Print

8in x 12in Commemorative Event Print
$34.90 Per Image/Print

E-Mail - Personal Use - Low Res jpeg
$9.99 Per Image/Print

E-Mail - Personal Use - High Res jpeg
$24.90 Per Image/Print

E-Mail - Commercial Use
Price On Application - Email or contact us

One participants photos from the event on CD - High Res jpegs
$64.90 Per CD

The 8 x 12 inch Commemorative Event Print includes event, participants name and finish time from your event. Click HERE to view a generic version of the final print.

A Postage and Packaging charge of $3.50 to $5.50 per order also applies if required.

NOTE: Not all the above options are available for some events.