Prices for online event photos are here 

I ordered and paid for a digital file but when I tried to download it, I got the message Order Not Approved, Why is that?
We need to manually approve it after payment  is received, we send all these orders manually by email.
What are your Terms and Conditions?
Also known as your Purchase Agreement it is available here:Purchase Agreement
Can I get my photo or my child's photo removed from this web site?
Yes you can. Please let us know the file name of the photo: email mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz. For your information, we try to work with the event organiser, so that they have a disclaimer in the entry form which lets the persons in the event know that photos are being taken and that they will be for sale on this web site, and the photos may be used for publicity and promotional purposes by the event organiser.

How can I make a photo order by post?
You can make your photo order by post, by down loading and printing an order form out. The order form is available by clicking here.

Can I get a refund if I am not happy my photos?
We do provide refunds - please contact us and explain the issue. We will endeavor to sort your issue out for your specific case.

How can I pay for my photos?
Payment can be made by internet banking, cheque or by credit card. This information is supplied on check out. You will also be emailed information on how to pay. Remember to quote your order number when submitting payment.

I do not have an email address, how can I make an order?
You can down load a printable form to do this from here.

How long will it take before I get my photos?
We will normally dispatch photos within one week of receiving payment. If you require your order urgently please email mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz

I currently live overseas and would like to purchase one of your photos. Is this possible?
Yes, Just place your order in the normal way. Please pay by Credit Card

What do I do if my photos are damaged in the post?
Send an email to mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz with "damaged photos” in the subject line, your order number and a brief description. They will be reprinted at no cost to you:

What if I want to change my order?
First make another order. Then send an email to mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz to cancel your original order, quoting your original order number.

I would like to purchase a large size print of one of your photos. Do you offer print sizes larger than 30x20cm?
Large size prints of all our photos may be available as well as odd sizes and panoramic options. This depends on the original file and your requirements. Please email mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz for more information.

Cropping or getting the image to fit the paper size
Most of the photos on this web site have a ratio of 15 x 10 centimetres or 30 x 20 centimetres. When you order prints that are 18 x 13 centimetres or 25 x 20 centimetres they will be cropped to fit the paper size (this means that the edge of the photo will be trimmed). If this cropping is a problem you will be notified.

Will my prints be matt or gloss?
There is an option to choose by using the drop down menu. If you do not specify the finish you will be sent gloss.

Can I have text on my photos?
Yes you can have text on your photos. Send an email to mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz with your requirements. Please state your order number and include "Text on photo” in the subject line of your email.

I don’t have an email address, how can I make an order?
You can print a form from here - which you can either post or fax to Nesport . Alternatively we could fax this form to you. This form has pricing for the various print sizes, contact details and you can pay by either faxing or posting your cheque or credit card details.

I am not sure if that’s me in the photo, how can I find out?
Send an email to mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz quoting the image file name and we’ll see what we can do. If you had a bib number you might want to let us know what that was. We may be able to enlarge part of the image and email you a low resolution version to check.

I want to cancel my order, how do I do this?
Send an email to mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz with your order number and we’ll cancel your order. We will also refund any money paid on the order, as long as it has not already been processed and sent.

Do you have special deals for schools and clubs?
Nesport will provide schools and clubs with electronic images by email for the personal use price of $24.90 including GST. Nesport terms and conditions still apply so you can not on-sell the images.

I have made an order and have not received a confirmation, what’s happened?
You need to check your email for confirmation of the order.If your email address was typed into the order form incorrectly you will not receive this confirmation. If your email address is through Xtra and you typed in extra.co.nz this will be picked up and corrected. If you have not received confirmation directly after you placed your order please let us know at this email address: mailto:orders@nesport.co.nz